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How Facial Fitness Works?

Our Facelift is done using a technology called CACI. It is short for computer aided cosmetology Instrument. It works by applying a tiny micro current that resembles the body's own natural current and it lifts and tones facial muscles.Thus giving a very natural & instant facelift effect.

It originated in Europe more than 20 years ago and is pretty new to the US, was formally used by Lady Diana of England and is considered Hollywood's best kept secret as Jennifer Lopez is quoted saying:"The CACI Ultra is amazing"

Special lifting movements around the face are applied with wands that deliver a tiny micro-current
Collegen production is stimulated while current bypasses skin's resistance to reach the muscles
Facial muscles are exercised lifted and toned
This process results in restoration of youthful appearance

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Madonna turns her back on cosmetic surgery in favor of a new beauty treatment to turn back time
Jenifer Lopez recently has discovered the CACI Ultra facial, which has long been a celebrity favourite due to facelift effect!
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I have really seen results after my visits to Facelift of the Stars. I always enjoy my sessions with both May and Lauren. They are both very professional and knowledgeable in their field of beautiful skin and would recommend them both to anyone wanting to get a tightened look without any surgery. Nov 12, 2014 - sharonw
It was an awesome experience and one that I will treat myself to each month from now on. I deserve this type of special treatment and the benefit of looking great is just an added perk. Staff is awesome!!! Nov 1, 2014 - joycel
The before and after pictures tell the story! I love these treatments, I believe the treatments help with not only collagen production in the skin, but also in restoring and strengthening the muscles in the face. The muscle strengthening seems to be maintaining the symmetry of my face! Jul 17, 2014 - Kay Jones

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Why paralyze your facial muscles or cut them out when you can work them out?:)

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